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WARNING: Nicotine is poisonous in concentrated form, and this website does not advise anyone to use liquid nicotine extract without being well-informed about the hazards of handling it, breathing it, or injesting it in any form. At the least, protective gloves and eyeware should be worn when handling nicotine extract of 24mg/ml and above. In it's purest forms, nicotine can be deadly poisonous by a single drop on the skin, or inhaled fumes. This is not a joke. Read up on this subject before attempting to purchase or use nicotine liquids. Do not take warnings like this lightly!

The recipes that come with this calculator can work just fine for vaping without nicotine being an ingredient, as shown in the first screen shot below, so if you are not already addicted to nicotine, please don't start using it, because it is extremely addictive.

Notes from
the author,
Steve Cowell

This workbook is based on a similar project by e-cig personality "ScubaBatDan."  Dan created a multi-sheet calculator workbook that has been widely distributed.  I downloaded it, but I started thinking of modifications to make it work better for my own style of mixing.  Through trial and error, it changed and grew into something quite different than Dan's workbook.  There are many parts that are still largely his own ideas and work.  Other parts are strictly my own ideas.  So thank you ScubaBatDan, for inspiring me and setting the groundwork for what became a labor of love for me.  Now I am sharing it with others in hopes it is helpful to DIY mixers everywhere.  And a special thanks to Hoosier for testing the final product!

If you have problems with this spreadsheet or find a bug or glitch, email me and I'll do my best to help! E-mail me.


E-Liquid Workbook

There are quite a few "calculators" out there lately for helping people make "Do It Yourself", (DIY) E-Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes. There are many phrases for these things: E-cigs, Personal Vaporizers (PVs), and of course many brand names and different types of devices for creating vapor instead of smoke. And the one thing they all have in common is that they require an E-Liquid or E-Juice to create the taste and vapor that makes them an increasingly popular alternative to smoking.

There is this fascinating dichotomy going on in the world of "vaping." Yes, it's called vaping because it isn't smoke, it's vapor, so it's not smoking it's vaping. Anyway, there is this ridiculous problem that the government has created. As is typical of government, if people are enjoying it, the government bureaucrats feel they must put a stop to it!

With the world of vaping, most people who take up the practice do it for one simple reason: they want to quit smoking. There may be some who continue smoking but use E-cigs when they can't smoke, but most people who take their vaping seriously are ex-smokers. Anybody who has ever been a smoker, or lived with a smoker, knows it is about the hardest habit in the world to break. Sure, there are a lot of ex-smokers in the world, and many of them suffered through cold turkey or spent tons of money on medications or patches to help wean them off the addiction to nicotine. Part of what makes it so difficult to quit smoking is the physical habit of having something in your hand and mouth, and having that sensation of inhaling something other than air - if you've never been a smoker, I know this is hard to understand, but it's one of the most important sensations in the world to smokers. Vaping satisfies those physical habits, while allowing the E-cig user to continue enjoying their nicotine! This has made vaping the best stop-smoking device ever invented! Doctors love it!

But the government hates it. And why does the government hate it? Because they are government idiots. But the case they are making against e-cigs is that they are devices for nicotine delivery, and therefore they are still drug devices, and therefore they must be regulated. OK, understood, so we won't sell them to minors. Good enough? NO! The government says that they cannot be sold as "stop smoking devices" because they are used to deliver nicotine. They ignore the fact that all these ex-smokers who now use E-cigs in one form or another, are inhaling nicotine, but they are no longer inhaling all those carcinogens. No longer inhaling tobacco tar. No longer inhaling all those chemicals added to cigarettes to make them burn evenly. No longer inhaling the by-products of combustion from the burning of tobacco leaves. And they are no longer putting themselves and countless innocents in danger from the fire hazards of smoking. If you fall asleep with an E-cig in your hand, there is zero risk of fire. No ashtrays with smoldering embers getting accidentally dumped in wastebaskets.

There are literally thousands of lives being saved already because of electronic cigarettes, and if the government would just back off and accept them as great stop-smoking devices, millions of lives can be saved and millions more improved by better health, with no second-hand smoke around children and asthmatics, and no smelly clothes with burn holes in them!

OK, enough ranting. Download my E-Liquid Workbook and Recipe Book, check it out, play around with it, and give some of the recipes a try. But don't come crying to me if some recipe I included in here tastes terrible to you. That's the chance you take. I'm sure you can do better. And I'm giving you some cool tools to do it with. Have at it. Enjoy.

And to help you even more, I've created some tutorials that explain most of the functions and purposes of the workbook, including screen shots of the workbook pages in action. I hope you'll check them out. The links are right below,

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All in all, it's supposed to be fun, and I've had fun making this spreadsheet work well for both beginners
and seasoned veterans of DIY E-Juice mixing. So have fun with it, and spread it around. -- Steve Cowell


2011 Steve Cowell